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SILAC is quantitative proteomics method that uses media containing different isotopes of arginine and lysine. SILAC (Stable Isotope Labelling of Amino acids in Cell culture) is a means of metabolically labelling actively dividing cells through the natural incorporation of these amino acids into the cellular proteome. Differentially labelled samples from the same experiment can then be combined and analysed on the mass spectrometer at the same time, thus reducing variability between runs and the need for multiple consecutive runs, keeping costs to a minimum.

One of our founding scientists helped develop this methodology and as such, DCP have remained at the forefront of its application. To complement our SILAC-based quantitative proteomics service, DCP also offer a selection of SILAC Reagents including ready to use whole and fractionated cell lysates (SILAC Cell Extracts) in addition to ready-to-use SILAC Tissue Culture Media and SILAC-optimised sera (Dialysed Serum).



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