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Recent studies from the laboratory of Professor Sir David Lane FRS, the discoverer of p53, have led to the identification of the small molecule tenovin-6 (which is supplied as the hydrochloride salt). 1. Tenovin-6 rapidly activates p53 in a range of cell lines at concentrations of less than 10uM. Tenovin-6 has been shown to inhibit the class III human deacetylases, known as the surtuins, in vitro and in cells. Tenovin-6 inhibits human SIRT1, SIRT2 and SIRT3 in vitro (IC50 = 21, 10 and 67┬ÁM respectively). 1. Lain, S., Lane, D.P., Westwood, N.J., et al. Discovery, in vivo activity and mechanism of action of a small-molecule p53 activator. Cancer Cell 13 454-463 (2008).

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