Biomiga Products

Biomiga Products now available at DCP. Suppliers of EZgene® & Viratrap systems®. Click for full details.

Dundee Cell Products (DCP)

Dundee Cell Products (DCP) is a supplier of high quality products and innovative tools for biochemistry and molecular and cell biology research. We also offer Quantitative Proteomics (SILAQTM) based on stable isotope labeling of amino acids in culture (SILAC) and Drug Discovery services to the academic and biotech/pharma sectors in the areas of our core technologies and expertise.

We have now extended our portfolio of services to include Molecular and Cell Biology Services offering customers a one-stop shop for generating cDNA plasmid clones up to protein expression and purification or preparation of stable mammalian cell lines expressing the customer's gene of choice.

We are keen to explore new Opportunities for Commercialisation and Collaboration with both commercial and academic partners in developing and commercialising novel products and services in the market sector. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in collaborating with Dundee Cell Products to develop new reagents from your lab or if you want to commercialise your research.

If you are a pharmaceutical or biotech company looking for novel solutions in drug discovery and development, please visit our sister website Dundee Cell Proteomics.